Chunky Knit School Pride Chenille Throw

Chunky Knit School Pride Chenille Throw

This stunning statement piece is made with Chunky Chenille yarn and hand knitted with affection. It's incredibly soft, cuddly, comfortable, delicate to the touch, and light enough to wear in any season. It's hypoallergenic, suitable for children, and pet-friendly.

Colors in picture: Navy Blue, Schoolbus yellow, Royal Blue & Whits

These throws are beautiful accent pieces for any living room or bedroom. Allow it to embrace you and snuggle with you on the sofa or in bed.

It has a lovely chunky look and is an excellent substitute for a Merino wool blanket. There will be no shedding or accumulation! 

Machine washable in cold water lay flat to air dry. DO NOT DRY CLEAN.

Size in the photo: 40x60 inches, a perfect size throw to cover a medium-sized person from neck to feet while watching TV or to lay down on during a park picnic!


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